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February 13, 2019


Greenville SC Outdoor Engagement Session | Alicia + Andy

Sharing this blog post is extremely special to me and you guys are in for an absolute TREAT with these pictures from Alicia and Andy’s Greenville SC Outdoor Engagement Session! Alicia and Andy met each other while serving together on a Christian Evangelistic team. They’ve been traveling together now (with the rest of the 10+ team members) for a few years now. I guess when you’re interacting SO much with a person for long enough you either want to kill ‘em or marry ‘em. 🙂 I’m glad these two decided on the latter.

Their Engagement story

Alicia and I actually met in 3rd grade. Her family came to visit my church/school because her uncle was, at the time, one of our pastors on staff. I still remember when Alicia walked in with her identical twin sister and I was SO confused who was who. It honestly, wasn’t really until college where I was able to pick about facial features and personality traits to tell them apart. 🙂 In college, we grew extremely close. We both shared a few other mutual friends and together we’d eat meals, go to church, and even try to align our classes together the most we could. I’m happy to be finished with college but goodness gracious, we had SO much fun!

When I first met Andy, he and Alicia were not yet dating. I remember asking Alicia if she liked anyone on the team. She would confidently say, “No. The guys are great but there’s not really anyone I could see myself more than just friends with.” Andy must’ve somehow heard her say that and then mentally exclaim, “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.”

So when the day came that I got the phone call about “this guy that I kinda like”, I knew this was it.

Andy is amazing. He compliments Alicia perfectly as she does him. They’re a power couple for Jesus and I know they are going to do so much more for the Kingdom together than if they were alone.

Greenville SC Outdoor Engagement Session

Waiting for your “Prince Charming” can get really difficult. It’s easy to dream up the perfect scenarios in our heads about the way we think life should go. I distinctly remember having DOZENS of talks with Alicia about when it would finally be our turn… I wish present Morgan and Alicia could go back and tell freshmen in college Morgan and Alicia to chill and just enjoy life more! Instead of worrying, taking the precious time God’s given us to prepare our lives how He wants us to live and serve him while investing in relationships with those around us which God HAS placed in our lives. I think we DID do this, but let’s be real, there were also some cry sessions in my mini-van in the college dorm parking lot. 😉

Alicia, your man is here. And he’s a good one. Believe me, if he wasn’t, I wouldn’t have let it get to this point. #girlcode 😉 Taking these photos of you two was the perfect reminder that God is never late. He takes His time with His children and when the timing is right, He shows off to us all that His ways are indeed “exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ever ask or think.”

Enjoy these beautiful images from your Greenville SC Engagement forever girl! Maybe we can even take some more sometime! How about May 31st? You wear white and we’ll let Andy wear out the words “I love you” and “You’re beautiful.” <3




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