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July 2, 2019


New England Wedding | Emma + Andrew

New England Wedding in the Summer

A New England wedding in June. By itself, it’s already set up to be the perfect day. However, the day only got sweeter and sweeter as it went along. Emma and Andrew no longer live in New Hampshire but because they spent so much of their lives there, it was only right that they went back for their wedding. I’m not related to either of them, but somehow it all felt like a big family reunion to be together. Emma’s family is so dear to my heart from the four summers I worked at a camp in New England.

Emma’s family graciously hosted me at their house many weekends and it pains me to think about how they allowed me to do my smelly camp laundry at their house. They are champs. During that time, I grew close to Emma’s older sisters, Anna and Julia. Fun fact: I played a part in Anna and Julia both meeting their now husbands. I’m basically a professional matchmaker. They haven’t returned the favor yet, but they did ask me to be a part of both of their weddings so I guess that will do. 🙂 As my friendship with Anna and Julia grew, it was only natural that Emma and I would also become friends. I feel so close to this family and I’m grateful for their hospitality to me.

As you’ll obviously be able to tell in the pictures below, there were MANY smiles on this New England wedding day. Andrew and Emma blew me away with their kindness to others on THEIR wedding day. The best way I would describe them is selfless…. Both of them. Even on their own wedding day, they were constantly reaching out to others and serving others. We all know that that is extremely rare nowadays!! 

Between the portrait sessions, first looks, ceremony, reception, and dinner reception, this New England wedding day was perfect and I am so thankful I was able to play a small part in it. 


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