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June 14, 2019


Alicia&Andy | Detroit Wedding

Alicia and Andy are two of the most genuine and authentic people I have ever met. They’re both sweet, funny, caring, and lovely people to be around. Which worked out really well since they met while traveling together on a musical team and remained team members together for multiple years (Yikes- could you imagine being that close to people and not get along?!). I remember phone calls with Alicia where I would tell her, “You’re bound to marry someone on your team. I just know it’s going to happen!” She would laugh on the other end of the line and tell me confidently, “No, they are all just really good friends.” Yeah… that didn’t last long. It wasn’t too long after when I received the phone call with a very excited exclaim of, “We’re dating!!!!.” My joy at that moment honestly just about matched the joy I felt on Alicia’s wedding day (and there was a lot of joy!). To see the people I love most in this world happy makes this photog VERY happy.

After Andy and Alicia’s engagement session, I could not WAIT for their wedding day in Detroit. It felt like forever for the day to get here but then once it did, it felt as though no time had passed. Literally, everything about the day went smoothly. How could it not though when you have such sweet families as Alicia and Andy’s helping out to make everything come together beautifully! The decor was a perfect mixture of classy, fun, and sentimental. The wedding party was filled with joy and the ceremony was just spectacular. Members of Andy and Alicia’s traveling team did all of the music and Alicia’s dad married them. It was such a precious time altogether.

Every time the bride walks down the aisle I get chills. There’s just something in me that loves that moment most of all. But on that day, I couldn’t keep it together. Seeing your best friend make a life long promise to the love of her life (After years of college-life crying in minivans that this day would “neeeeeeever come” 😉 ) is the most surreal, sweet, and fulfilling feeling. Everything about it was perfect.

…It was hard not to just dump all of the pictures from the whole day onto this blog post (but I didn’t)… However, here are a lot of favorites. Congratulations again to you both, Mr. and Mrs. Smiley. Your last name couldn’t suit you better!




  1. Jaynne Smiley says:

    These are beautiful Morgan!!
    You captured Andrew and Alicia perfectly.

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