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November 5, 2018


Hancock Family

Friends! I am SO excited to share with you all a very special session on the blog! This is the sweet Hancock family! I first met the Hancocks through Will Gregory (he’s the one wearing the snazzy black leather jacket in the pictures). I honestly don’t remember the first time I met Will but I’ve known of him for years since being best friends with his sister, Suzanna, in college. Our dads were actually best friends in college as well so I guess we were just destined to all hit it off! When I moved to Georgia in 2016, Suzanna mentioned to me that her brother Will and his wife Amelia (Hancock) lived in town and that I should get to know them.


Soon after I moved, Will and Amelia invited me over to her parent’s house for dinner. You guys—this is quite possibly the sweetest family ever! They immediately welcomed me and made me feel a part of their family (which was what this girl needed after moving to a brand new state all by herself). Mr. and Mrs. Hancock along with their five kids, Amelia, Lydia, Nathan, Charlotte, and Sophie have been so kind to me and I was so excited when Amelia reached out about me taking their family pictures. Their sweet Papa even joined us for the session and the pictures with him are so precious! And just to prove how wonderful this family is, when the session was over, they invited me back over for dinner and we had the best time together. There’s just something about sitting at a dinner table in the dining room all together that is so good for the soul. Simply enjoying each other’s company and laughing together is always time well spent… especially over a delicious home cooked meal!!!


I’m sharing with you all some of my favorites from the session. We drove up to Stone Mountain and found the coolest secluded spot for the pictures and I will absolutely be going back! Enjoy the pictures from this sweet family! 🙂


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