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September 30, 2019


Adoption Portraits for the Lewis Family | Atlanta, GA

As September comes to an end, I’m hit with so many emotions. I love fall. Granted, I live in Georgia and it’s still a warm 85 degrees outside. However, I’m hopeful for the cool, crisp air that I know will come. Fall reminds me of new beginnings, fresh starts and a time to dream up ideas while hitting the ground hard with what is right in front of me. It’s busy, full, inspiring, and anticipatory for all things pumpkin spice and eventually Christmas trees and cozy cinnamon smelling candles.

However, these exciting feelings hitting me pale in comparison to what I know a sweet family in my church is feeling this autumn season. They have worked so hard, prayed so diligently, and prepared so faithfully for the day when they were told they would be able to fly to Taiwan to bring home their new baby boy. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT FEELING?!?! The absolute best, I would imagine. And after the grueling process of adoption, now he’s here. So many lessons are learned through this process such as patience, endurance, living a life of faith that what God begins, He will complete.

Adoption Portraits

And now sweet little Gabriel Lewis is HERE!! You guys, this child is like none I’ve ever met. When I met him in the parking lot at the state park where I took their pictures, he (no joke) ran right to me with both arms wide open. I couldn’t STAND it!!! What a breathtaking picture of us running to our Savior who has adopted us into His family. I can’t. 

These adoption portraits went SO well and I was so happy with all of the fun candids I was able to capture of Jared and Bekah interacting with their son. 

Adoption really is amazing. But as a Christian, it means even more to me and Jared and Bekah. We were Gabriel. We were alone, far from our God, our Father. But just as Bekah and Jared found and pursued their little boy, so did our Heavenly Father do the same for us. Indescribable love. We are forever His just as Gabriel now has his forever home. May we never forget the eternal blessings we as believers have been given. Now every day we live is just because of grace.

This little boy will grow up in a home hearing about his Savior who loves him and desires for him to be a part of this eternal family too.  Jesus, Thank you for adopting us into your family. And thank you for Gabriel. Allow his sweet life to be a constant reminder of what You’ve done for us all. Go ahead and just cry and thank Jesus with me as you scroll and see these miraculous photos….


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