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February 27, 2020


Georgia Newborn Lifestyle Session | The Allen Family

Can we talk about babies for a minute? Specifically the little itty-bitty squishy newborn ones? Nothing melts my heart more!!! I haven’t had a chance to do a ton of photoshoots of newborns (except my nieces and nephews because… OBVIOUSLY I’m going to document every second of their lives that I am with them. ;)) But I am so incredibly grateful that I was about to meet little Caleb Allen and photograph his Georgia Newborn Lifestyle Session with his parents! 

It was actually David’s mom who reached out to me first several months back and asked if she could gift this session to them as a Christmas present! What a GREAT idea!!! I’m ALL about when people value capturing moments of their loved ones enough to plan ahead and book a session with me. I’ve now been able to be a part of several “gifted” sessions and they end up being some of the sweetest ones! 

Georgia Newborn Lifestyle Session

Their little guy, Caleb, was perfect throughout the session! He was actually awake during most of the session, only dozing off briefly towards the end. His big smiles gave me all the feels. It was a joy to watch this amazing couple in this new season of life. They are naturals at this parenting thing. It was clear that Caleb enjoyed the comfort of his parents arms more than anything!

While my friendship with Hannah is still pretty new (but blossoming because she’s seriously perfect!), David and I go way back. We probably met about 15 years ago! His cousin is my brother-in-law, so we are basically family. 🙂 I don’t know if I’ve ever met a sweeter and so-mature-for-their-age-couple than David and Hannah.

They believe the best about everyone and are the biggest cheerleaders to the people in their lives. I felt this when I sat on their couch and told them all my hopes and dreams- They smiled so big and gave me the biggest encouragement. Now if I could just figure out how to close the 20-mile gap between us so we could hang out more often. 😉

Enjoy these beautiful pictures from the Allen family’s In-home Georgia Newborn Lifestyle Session! 


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