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August 18, 2018


Lawrenceville GA Military Engagement | Emily + Michael

This Lawrenceville GA Military engagement session was like none other I’ve ever experienced… and it may be a new favorite for that very reason. On the day of the session, the weather was looking a little iffy. However, I was sure it would be fine since it hadn’t rained for a while in Georgia recently up to that point … Well, I was wrong and it ended up POURING!!! And it wasn’t subtle. It was the all-at-once kind that decided to grace its presence.

At this point in the session, I had gotten lots of Emily and Michael under the church before the rain started. When it hit, I gave them a couple options: We could wait, postpone the session, or EMBRACE THE RAIN. I was secretly hoping they would say they wanted to embrace it, because I’ve always wanted to have “The Notebook” type of rain session. 😉 And THEY SAID YES to my crazy idea.

Lawrenceville GA Military Engagement

We ran out in the rain, got SOAKING wet, and had the best time. We even got several honks from passing drivers who were obviously thrilled with us and our courage to run around and try to not wipe out.

I just absolutely love Emily and Michael and seeing the way they adore each other. Their love is definitely one to be admired. Emily and Michael met at a college soccer game when Michael came up to visit some friends in the National Guard. He is air and missile defense in the Army. Michael is such a great man, both to his country and to his beautiful fiancé.

This day was so freeing for me as a photographer because I had to think quickly on my feet … in the rain. I was able to capture way more candid moments than I usually do in a session and have learned that these moments are actually my favorite. Some of the shots are a bit blurred with raindrops on the lens- it may go against every rule of photography, yet I love it because it shows the rawness and uniqueness of that day. It was raw, beautiful, unique, passionate, and a session that has pushed me to be a more out-of-the-box photographer. What a fun day! Enjoy my favorites from this amazing Lawrenceville GA Military Engagement session.


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