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October 26, 2022


Old Homeplace Vineyard Bridal Portraits | Sarah 

Before I get into this blog, can we just talk about how gorgeous Sarah is?! I had the chance to capture her stunning Old Homeplace Vineyard bridal portraits in Winston-Salem. I’m still blown away by how truly beautiful this bride-to-be is! We met at her wedding venue in Winston-Salem to document her bridal look before her wedding day and I’m just so in love with how these turned out. 

Old Homeplace Vineyard Bridal Portraits

Bridal portraits are always so special to me. They’re all about celebrating my brides and documenting what makes their wedding day look so unique to them. I also love bridal portraits because it means your wedding day is less stressful. We aren’t trying to cram in a lot of extra portraits of you in your wedding dress and veil because they’re already done! I’m all about finding time for you to relax and enjoy your wedding day. Plus, I LOVE celebrating my brides and getting extra 1:1 time with them as a wedding photographer. Wedding planning can be stressful. Creating a moment like this can make all the difference in how you’re feeling as a bride. 

With Sarah’s bridal portraits, we also had more time to explore her wedding venue. Old Homeplace Vineyard is absolutely stunning! On the day of her wedding, it will be super busy and full of people we don’t want to see before the ceremony – so this was a great chance to capture portraits at all of the spots she’d been dreaming of with no pressure! We both loved the big wooden barn, so most of our time was spent there. It’s just so gorgeous!!! 

I hope you enjoy scrolling through Sarah’s bridal portraits – and that it inspires you to consider bridal portraits before your own wedding day! If you’re considering them, reach out here and we can chat through some ideas together!! 


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