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June 15, 2022


Playful Branding Portraits Ragland Clothing Co. | Emma

I’m not lying in the slightest when I say that Emma’s playful branding portraits to celebrate Rag Land Clothing Co. turning 3 might be some of my all-time favorite photos. This session was SO much fun from start to finish – just like Emma is. I’m so happy that she decided to celebrate her third year in business with a branding session and cake smash. Rag Land Clothing Co. is such a fun endeavor and I’m thrilled to see where she’s going to go next!! 

Playful Branding Portraits 

Three years ago, Emma began Rag Land Clothing Co. as a way to make sustainable fashion more affordable. The brands that are sustainable are often more expensive, and she knew that there had to be another option out there. So, Emma (and her mom – who owns Charlotte the Figgy, by the way!) spend their days thrift shopping so that they can offer their audience curated finds in their online shop. You can learn more about Emma’s incredible business here

For her branding session, Emma really brought some creative and playful ideas to our portraits. Everything definitely had that feeling of celebration and a good time, which was a blast to capture. From her fun roller skates to an actual cake smash, these branding portraits truly celebrated how hard Emma has worked the last three years. We chose bold and bright backdrops to set up in the studio for her portraits and just had a lot of fun! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone laugh and smile as much as Emma. After her cake smash, we made sure to capture some portraits of her and her mom – since they’re both part of this business. It was awesome to see Michele – I LOVE her so much. 

I hope you enjoy scrolling through Emma’s portraits! And, I hope that they inspire you to create branding images that are truly YOU and full of your personality. 


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