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Olivia and Cam || Revel Event Center || Greenville, SC

A major perk of being a wedding photographer is that sometimes I am able to have friends as Clients. Cam and I go WAY back to freshman year of college. We were in the same friend group and his family lived on campus; so naturally, we crashed at his house ALL. THE. TIME. Cam has THE SWEETEST parents who were always so hospitable to us crazy teenagers and now, years later, we’ve all been able to maintain a beautiful friendship. Because of Cam and his parents, so many of my friendships that were made in his little house are STILL my best friends to this day. Wow. They’re just such a great family.


I didn’t meet Olivia until her Bridal Session at Furman and OH MY WORD, not sharing those pictures with the world KILLED me. But I knew it would be worth the wait when her soon to be husband would see her for the first time as she walked down the aisle.


Cam and Olivia were so refreshing to be around on their wedding day. Ok, think about that sentence. Go back and re-read it. Crazy right?!?! The BRIDE and GROOM were the calm, cool, and collected ones. Now, fortunately for me, I have THE BEST couples and this is very often the case for my weddings, but still, I think it just goes to show how sweet and strong in character these two are in real life.


Enjoy some of my favorites from their Revel Venue Wedding!



  1. Faye Byrd

    June 24th, 2018 at 12:14 am

    The pictures are lovely and you both look so happy. God’s riches blessings for a lifetime of happiness. You are loved.

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