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June 16, 2018


Sweet Family Time

This blog post is coming straight to you from me sitting on a comfy couch located inside a beach house where I have been for the past two weeks. I’m also contemplating switching the title of this post to “Giant Inflatable Ducks and Moon Pies.” Why? Well because I spent way too much time “getting my tan on” on a huge yellow piece of rubber and for some reason my father decided to awaken his love for moon pies. Why? I don’t know but now all I want to eat is that sugary goodness.


Not gonna lie, it feels as though I’ve only been here for like three days… maybe four. This time away with family has been SO needed! Have we been productive?! Well that depends on how you define the word… I would currently define it as: If the sun’s out, I’m out. Or to quote the legendary brand “Chubbies”, Sky’s out, thighs out.” 😉 Soaking up ALL of the rays at the pool, walking the beach, swimming, throwing the Frisbee, eating WAY too much seafood and ice cream…. Yeah the more I think about it, it’s been a super productive two weeks. 😉


But I AM a photographer, which means obligatory photo sessions all day errr day. To be honest, I thought I’d have to pry the fam out more than I actually did. They pretty much subjected themselves to me willingly. Although, I will freely admit that trying to get a good picture of four kids aged 2-7 is about as comparable to shooting 6 weddings in a row with no break. Ok, that’s excessive…. 3. However, I managed to get “the shots” needed and even trained some family members to take pictures of me! Ha! You know how lots of photogs will say that they love being a photographer because they’re BEHIND the camera and not IN FRONT of it? Yeah, that’s not me at all. >>lol<<


Enough talk though, it was a great two weeks spent with “my tribe” and I am actually going through a depressive state thinking about leaving in the morning. Better get packing and deflate all of the floats… I’d say finish eating the moon pies but let’s be real: those were gone by day three.



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