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May 10, 2020


To the Mother-in-law I thought I’d have by now but don’t… Happy Mother’s Day.

I’m 28 and honestly, I thought I’d have someone in my life who I could call a mother-in-law. I don’t yet. And that’s ok. But, I’d still like to say a few things…

I hope you know how special you are. 

I don’t know you, even though I can admit I thought I knew who you’d be a few times… But even though you don’t yet carry that title from me, I want to thank you and wish you a great Mothers Day. 

I could swiftly move into a section of “thank you’s” such as, thank you for raising a hard working son, or thank you for teaching your son how to love, or thank you for teaching him how to treat a woman- not as inferior, but as an equal part in which they can strive together toward goals in light of the Gospel… 

But the truth is, I don’t know any of that enough to say. 

Maybe you’ve chased after Jesus since you were a little girl who then fell in love with a God-fearing man and raised up your son in the admonition of the Lord. Or maybe not. Maybe you’re a single mother who worked so incredibly hard to give her son a full life. Maybe after finding out you could not have biological children, you and your husband decided to adopt and after years of consistent prayer and sleepless nights, you found him and you brought him home. Maybe you don’t know Jesus yet and you wonder how your son could have so much joy in his life because you know he has found Him. Or maybe you “did all the things right” and you’re at home praying for your son right now to find the right girl who he can love and create a family with so he can experience the celebration of his own wife’s Mother’s Day.

I don’t know. 

I don’t know who you are. I don’t even know your son yet. But… there are a few things I do know. 

I know I’m praying for your son daily. I’m praying he would chase after God with all of his heart. I’m praying he would pour his time and energy into people. I’m praying he’s creating good habits now that will help him be a solid husband and father. I’m praying he would take his weaknesses and sin struggles seriously; not to shame himself for not being enough, but rather to cast them at Jesus’ feet in thankfulness that through the cross he can live a victorious life. I’m praying a lot of things for him…. 

But to you, his mother, I’m praying for you too. I’m praying that God would give you the desires of your heart in your son’s life. You raised a great man and I can’t wait to be his wife… and I can’t wait to be your daughter-in-law. Happy Mother’s Day. 

And to you, a woman, not yet married but sharing this same desire, don’t lose hope. God knows and cares so incredibly deeply for you. Pray how you feel (God can handle it), but then Pray Truth. And trust the Heart of the One who calls you worthy, chosen, complete, and His. 


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