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December 28, 2017


Walt Says It Best

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” These inspiring words from Walt Disney are so special to me for two reasons. First, who doesn’t love all things Disney?!? I’ve got three words for anyone who doesn’t… bless your heart. Seriously, Disney is the best and yes I put my annual passholder membership to good use. Secondly, while these words are magical and dreamy, causing people to read and feel a special warmth inside, they are TRUE. These words are true! Do you have a desire to do something or to be somebody? I would argue to say that that spark of interest within you is there for a reason and it is a purpose so grand that if you choose to follow it, whatever it may be, you can have the ability to succeed and more importantly, help change lives.


For me, this dream is photography and specifically Wedding and Portrait Photography. I have had an interest in photography since I was really little but never imagined making it a significant part of my life. I would take pictures of family and friends. They probably got really irritated with me and my poor editing styles in Photoshop. Yikes! However, because of their encouragement and patience, here I am… and I’ve even moved up in status and use Lightroom. 😉


I began shooting weddings in 2015 and have absolutely loved it since day one. The rush of the wedding day fills me with butterflies and watching two people make a life-long commitment to each other in front of the people they love most is something I do not take lightly. For me, wedding photography is so much MORE than great photos. Will my clients receive high quality, beautiful images? Of course!! But having the privilege to serve my brides on their best day (and all of the months before leading up to the big day) is an honor.


Being a wedding photographer was not always the dream if I were to be completely honest. I have always loved being with people and working with kids. I obtained a bachelors degree in Elementary Education and (because college just isn’t enough [sarcasm]) a Masters degree has been thrown into the mix as well. While it’s easy for me to wonder why the timeline of life has turned out to be the way it is, I am learning so much. The education I received towards teaching children meshes right in with working with clients. Communication skills I learn from the classroom also gel with the communication and planning of a wedding day. In order to be a great photographer, I believe you must be an educator both to yourself, as well as your clients. Teaching tips and tricks to my brides and grooms on posing is a task that takes time and lots of practice. This means I myself must also be learning.


If you are still reading this first post, Thank you! This will probably be the most text you will EVER read on my blogs as the majority here on out will be filled with gorgeous images of very sweet people I have had the pleasure of working alongside.


I hope this website, blog, and my whole photography journey of following this dream comes across as an encouragement to you in many ways. I am here to serve people through the unique opportunity of taking pictures and I believe it to be the best dream ever. I also think Walt would be proud.



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